The superfish plugin can be customized by css file




If you want to use the superfish plugin within  show_menu_2 the code must look something like this


        $aMenu          = 1,
        $aStart         = SM2_ROOT,
        $aMaxLevel      = SM2_ALL,
        $aOptions       = SM2_ALL|SM2_PRETTY,
        $aItemOpen      = '[li] [a][menu_title]</a>',
        $aItemClose     = '</li>',
        $aMenuOpen      = '<ul class="sf-menu">',
        $aMenuClose     = '</ul>',
        $aTopItemOpen   = false,
        $aTopMenuOpen   = false





Please read:

this interesting article how to use and style superfish

(german only)

This site is using jq-superfish





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